The conveyancing process can be extremely complex therefore we have outlined the key steps below and will be there to support you through every element (no matter how small the question):


Property Information Pack/Fixtures and Fittings

You will receive this from your solicitor. They will explain how to complete the documentation. Once this is returned to your solicitor, it will be forwarded to the purchaser’s solicitor. This forms part of the DRAFT CONTRACT.

Mortgage Submitted

If your purchaser requires a mortgage, the application will be submitted.


Your purchasers may require an independent survey if they are cash buyers. If a mortgage is required, a mortgage valuation will have to take place on behalf of the lender.


The buyer’s solicitor will raise questions from the initial documentation they have received.



The buyer’s solicitors will apply for searches: local, water and mining.

Additional Enquiries

Questions that the buyer’s solicitors will need to ask once the searches have been received.

Report to Client

Once the purchaser’s solicitor is happy to proceed, they will report to their client. At this stage your solicitor will contact you to discuss ‘exchange of contract.’


On exchange of the contract the buyer will have placed their deposit with their solicitor, arranged buildings insurance and all paperwork will be signed by both you and your buyer. A completion date will have been agreed. This is now legally binding.


This can take place at any time during the day of the agreed date. Once your solicitors are in receipt of ALL the funds, the completion will take place. At this point the property no longer belongs to you but to your buyer. We will receive a call from the solicitor to release keys to your buyer.


Moving Checklist

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you do in life. We have prepared this check list to aid you with your preparation. You can also contact us at any point with any questions or concerns that you may have.

A Month To Go…

You should begin to pack items that you will not need. I.e, spare rooms, storage cupboards, attic, shed and garage. This is a good time to clear out unwanted items.

Add the contact numbers to your ‘people to contact’ list. This will save time when you are nearing exchange and have other things to be thinking about.

2 Weeks To Go…

Your solicitors will advise you when the sale is coming to an end. At this point you can talk to removal companies about costs and preliminary dates.

Make arrangements for the utility companies regarding transferring your accounts.

Start organising your belongings with items to give to charity or dispose of.

Between Exchange and Completion…

You can now confirm your dates with removal companies.

Pack your belongings. Remember to label your boxes with contents and rooms.

Contact everyone on your ‘people to contact’ list.

Pack the remainder of your house. Remember to empty the freezer.

Make arrangements for care of children or pets for the removal day.

The Day Before Completion…

Ensure keys are available for the new house if applicable and that you have details of any alarm if required. Once you move in, we would suggest changing the locks as you never know who may have spare keys to the property.

Pack valuables and important documents in a safe place.

Pack a separate bag containing equipment such as: Toilet rolls, Cleaning materials, Light bulbs, Snacks, Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Rubbish bags, Enough cash to cover unforeseen expenses, Mobile phone chargers, Kettle, Tea, Coffee, Sugar and Milk and Basic tools. Gather keys from any friends, family and/or neighbours. Arrange handing over the keys to us ready for completion.

The Big Day…

Once your solicitors are in receipt of the full funds, your completion will take place. At this point the property no longer belongs to you but your purchaser. We will receive a call from your solicitor to say we can hand the keys to the new owner. Solicitors will call you prior to calling us.


Download our “Contacts To Inform Of Your Move” sheet